Treatment Agreement

COVID-19 Updated Treatment Agreement

Your Treatment Agreement with Edgeworth Osteopathy is outlined in the Information and Policies brochure and consent forms you signed at your first appointment. It includes such things as your consent to treatment, the storage of your personal information, privacy policy and cancellation policy. In light of Coronavirus COVID-19, there are a few updates to your Treatment Agreement of which you need to be aware.

Wearing a mask:
NSW Public Health Guidelines strongly recommend wearing a mask in situations where social distancing of 1.5m is not possible. As this is the case with treatment, you are strongly encouraged to wear a mask if you can. In some cases (e.g. asthma, claustrophobia etc.) it is understandable if you cannot wear a mask.

If you are sick:
Under normal circumstances if you are sick, you are encouraged to reschedule your appointment, and no late cancellation fee applies.
COVID-19 update:
If you are sick with cold or flu symptoms, please reschedule your appointment as usual. You are strongly encouraged to get a COVID-19 swab test. If you have been exposed to Coronavirus or think you may have been, you must self-isolate  for 14 days and/or be tested and cleared before you can come in for your treatment. Contact your GP for further instructions if necessary.
If you have Coronavirus (COVID-19) you cannot come to Edgeworth Osteopathy until you are well again (you will need to be tested and cleared before you can come for treatment).

If you become sick after treatment:
If you become sick and/or are tested positive for Coronavirus within 14 days of having a treatment at Edgeworth Osteopathy, please notify me as soon as you are able so that I can self-isolate and notify any patients who had treatment subsequent to you .

If I become sick:
If I become sick I will reschedule upcoming appointments until I am well again, and ensure I am tested and cleared before returning to work.

Using the toilet:
You may continue to use the toilet at Edgeworth Osteopathy. We have toilet paper!
Please be aware that Coronavirus can spread from faeces. Ensure the toilet lid is fully down when you flush, and use proper hand washing technique to protect yourself and others. A chart is provided for hand washing guidelines. Consider using your own toilet before coming in for treatment as one more way we can reduce the risk of spread. The toilet will be cleaned after as soon as possible after use.

Keep your hands clean:
Hand sanitiser is provided in the waiting room. Please use it when you arrive and leave. If we run out of sanitiser, please thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water when you arrive.

"We're all in this together... in our separate socially distanced bubbles..."

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