There are a number of reasons to choose Edgeworth Osteopathy.

What do I do different?

Extensive and Comprehensive Initial Case History
A longer initial appointment and an extensive case history means you have the time to tell your story, and have all the information relating to your health to be recorded and considered as part of your diagnosis and treatment plan. If you have complex health care needs, multiple medical conditions, or a problem that does not seem to get better, a good case history can be essential in forming a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

Areas of Interest

Visceral Osteopathy
I first began doing Visceral Manipulation (VM) while studying to become an Osteopath. I have continued to further my education in VM after graduating, and have increased my knowledge over the years.

I am one of only a few Osteopaths in Newcastle that have studied VM through the Barral Institute. My own personal struggles with irritable bowel have increased my desire for further education and understanding of the inner workings of the body and how the internal organs (viscera) affect the skeleton and joints, and vice-versa. Each year I attend workshops to increase my knowledge and expertise in VM.

Irritable Bowel
I have suffered with irritable bowel for almost all of my life although I did not realise it until much later. A severe bout of food poisoning as a teenager resulted in progressively worsening gut symptoms, which led me to become first lactose free, then to a low FODMAP diet with an almost complete normalisation of my symptoms - including those childhood symptoms which until then, I had not even recognised as being abnormal.

Now I have a special interest in irritable bowel, and the role it plays in health. Many of my patients who suffer from irritable bowel symptoms are unaware of some of the simple changes that they can make to significantly improve their symptoms and quality of life. Frequently these changes will also improve some of their muscle or joint pain for which they are seeking treatment.

Gluten Free and Coeliac Disease
My wife Kate was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease around about 2001, and along with her mother and brother (also diagnosed) has become an advocate for Coeliac Disease and the dissemination of correct information about gluten intolerance, sensitivity and Coeliac Disease. By hearing about and being part of Kate's journey, I too have learnt all about Coeliac disease, the signs and symptoms to look out for, and correct testing and diagnosis.

Additionally, in order to cook gluten-free (and not make my wife sick!) I have also learnt how to read labels and know what is safe (including some things that are derived from wheat but do not contain detectable amounts of gluten due to processing, for example glucose syrup), and to cook delicious and nutritious gluten free meals!

Sugar Free
I have been on a reduced sugar (as sugar-free possible) diet since early 2019. Coming from a family of chronic sugar addicts, I have struggled through the ups and downs of changing and improving my diet since getting married, and particularly since having children. We have chosen to limit sugar to special occasions , and for our own children's birthdays have made cakes refined sugar free and sweetened with the least amount possible of pure maple syrup or honey.

There are huge health benefits to be gained from reducing sugar in our diet. Although there is no need to eliminate it completely, in Australia (as with most Western world countries) we collectively eat far too much.

"Never become so much of an expert that you stop gaining expertise. View life as a continuous learning experience."
- Denis Waitley

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